All branches of the Blanshan family in America ori-
ginated in Ulster County, New York, with one man,
Mattheus Blanshan, a courageous, industrious
Huguenot who came to this country in 1660 from
France.  The Minnesota branch came west with
Jacob Smedes Blanshan in 1847, first to Wis-
consin, then to Iowa, and finally to southern Minne-
sota in the late 1800s. The Michigan Blanshan line
left New York some time between 1870 and 1900
when William Blanshan moved to Michigan.
There are now fairly large branches of Blanshans
in Oregon, Texas, Iowa and California as well.

This site was started by the children of Bob and
June Blanshan of Madelia, Minnesota (Bob is now
deceased). We are a fun-loving, closely-knit family
that enjoys getting together for holidays and special
occasions for a big meal  and a jam session.  Most
of us can sing harmony and play an instrument.

If you would like to include history about your
branch of the Blanshan family on this website,
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beccacolebank@msn.com.  All Blanshan history
is welcome!

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