These are the poems written by
children and grandchildren for
the 60th wedding anniversary of
Bob and June Blanshan

We do not all share her gentle spirit
Nor his clever gift of verse
But I’ll leave you to ponder
With a sense of wonder
With whom we share these quirks.
Driving disabled
Sense of humor – fabled
Know no stranger
Unaware of danger
Unfailing wit
Attention deficit
Appetite Unsatiated
Wanderlust unabated
Garage saling
Memory paling
Quick generosity
Humanity cured
Sainthood assured
Adventuresome souls
With heavenly goals
Hard of hearing, short of hair
What a couple! What a pair!
                                        --By Brenda

To Grandpa and Grandma – Thank you for the legacy you have given
to me.  With love from Polly

The two of you have given me a wonderful legacy.
You’ve lived and learned many lessons, then passed it all down to

I’ve gotten many of my strengths from you, my habits both good and
I’ve inherited many of your character traits too, for which I’m very

From Grandma, I’ve gotten an attachment to my mementos.
From Grandpa, I think you’ll all agree, my talent to compose.

From Grandpa, a love to argue for what I believe,
From Grandma, the joy of music and the use of talents I receive.

From both of you I’ve learned to see potential in those rejected:
The underdog, the handicapped, and all who are neglected.

From you, I’ve learned the value of family and a Christian friend,
I’ve learned to encourage, correct, and love with a love that doesn’t

But your legacy of faith is what I’m most thankful for.
The way you’re living your lives, with our Father at the core.
                                                                                --By Polly
To Grandma and Grandpa

I’m sorry I can’t be there
On this grand and special day
But even though I’m not there
There are some things I’d like to say

We all know your story
How you met at the roller rink
But what if you had not
Did you ever stop to think?

Countless music papers
Would never have been graded
Countless empty houses
Would go undecorated

Countless legal problems
Would never have been solved
Countless great reunions
Would never have been called

Countless dogs and cats
Would have never had a home
Countless corners of the world
Would never have been roamed

But you had no way of knowing
Just what you would create
If you had then known Amy
You may have stopped before too late

But still because of you
Many instruments are in tune
And a company called FMC
Escapes financial ruin

Garage sales have business
Many a man has got a wife
And many people in this world
Can have a better life

And maybe best of all
Though you had no way to know it
This world has been blessed
With quite a few more poets.

Your grandson
 Bobby Blanshan
            Edited by Polly Blanshan
Ode to Sixty Years

Becca said we had to write an ode
And I always do what I am tode
So here it is ready or not
This is all you’re gittin’, This is all I got.

Sixty years with the same mate
Thank the good Lord that’s not my fate
Wakin’ up each morning to the same face
I’m thinkin’ I would need a change of pace

Sixty years – who’d-a thunk
That mom would stay with her so-called hunk
I’m think’ he’s not the lean machine he used to be
But she’s not the beauty queen he used to see.

Good thing now they are both half blind
And neither of them has that much of a mind.
Anyway, I’m gonna end this sorry ode
‘Cause now I’ve done what I was tode.
                                                                    --By Amy
Grandpa, Grandpa, strong and able
Born way back when there was no cable
His words are wise, his memories weak
But he never misses a chance to speak.
We’re lucky that he’s still around
And hasn’t shot himself or drowned.

Grandma, Grandma, pretty and sweet
Your homemade lefse is such a treat
And as our family keeps growing this way
A card we’ll keep getting on every birthday.
She’s quite the musician, singer and poet
And in her 80s continues to show it.

Thanks for beginning such a fabulous crew
Grandpa, Grandma, we love you!
                           --Composed with love by Betsy, Mindy,
Neil, Mandy, Crystal, Blaine, Joci and Sterling.
Dear Mom and Dad
This poem is so bad
I’ll make it short and sweet
And try not to repeat

Your love was so great
It produced children 8
With your lifetime lover
You traveled the world over

You had lots of houses
With each of your spouses
Your kids turned out well
Some might even say swell

So have a great night
And a life full of light
Keep tuning each other out
That’s what marriage is all about!
                                     --By Rebecca
I have two parents
Their names are Bob and June
Evidently 60 years ago
He was able to make her swoon.
                          --By Nancy

Mom said to write this
I don’t know what to say
So I’m just gonna wing it
Because you don’t want to hear it anyway.
                          --Author Unknown

Grandpa and Grandma
This is Ellie
Happy Anniversary!
From Ellie Belly
Go Grandma!
Go Grandpa!
                            --By Ellie
Roses are red, violets are blue
Grandma is cool and Grandpa is too.
I love you Grandma and Grandpa!
                                     --Peggy J.

Peggy's Alternative Poem

Violets are blue, roses are pink.
Grandma married Grandpa
before she stopped to think.
                                     --Peggy J.