1.  Farther Along - sung a cappella by the Blanshan
     siblings:  Barbara, Dale, Rebecca, Nancy, Suzanne,
     Amy and Brenda.

Grandma's Stories - told by Grandma June

Into the Fold - written by Bob Blanshan, set to music
     and played and sung by Jon Larson

The Savior With Me - June Blanshan on autoharp

A String Christmas Medley - played by Nancy,
     Suzanne, Jon, and Brenda

The Anniversary Song - written by Rebecca, sung
       by Blanshan siblings

Dusty Road - written by Dale, sung by Blanshan
      siblings with Amy in lead

Man Smart (Woman Smarter) - sung by Amy

The Lefse Recipe - as told by June Blanshan

Piano Instrumental - performed by Jon Larson

Another String Christmas Medley - performed
        by Jon and Suzanne

Instrumental Selections - performed by Jon and

A Piano Christmas Medley - performed by Jon
Left to right, back row:  Barbara, Dale, Rebecca
                      middle row:  Brenda, Nancy, Amy, Suzanne
front row:  June and Bob