The Blanshan sisters singing 'Row Row Row Your Boat' in 'goat boy' style on
the 2008 Sister's Trip
Amy singing 'Pour Me' on the 2008 Blanshan Cruise
in honor of Brenda's 40th birthday
The Blanshan family singing 'For the Beauty of the Earth' before Thanksgiving
dinner in November, 2008
The Blanshan sisters singing 'Mansion Over the Hilltop' in a little
cafe on the Sister's Trip
The Moorhead High School Band and Orchestra performing 'God
Bless America' at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii conducted by Jon Larson
Moorhead Orchestra performing 'Shenandoah' at the Alamoana Mall Center
in Hawaii somewhere
Some of the clan (all northerners) singing 'Farther Along' with an
exaggerated Southern twang at Thanksgiving 2008

Ellie and Dale singing 'You Are My Sunshine', Thanksgiving 2008
Natalie meeting her newborn brother Warner
in October, 2009
Two-year-old Evan reciting the books of the Bible!
Ballerina Mark - Blanshan Cruise-2008
The Larsons and the Hinz's impromptu Christmas song
The Blanshan sisters (and Linda) sing 'I'll Fly Away' on the 2008 Sister's Trip
The Blanshan sisters sing 'Jesus Hold My Hand' on the 2008
Sister's Trip.
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The Blanshan sisters sing "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore" on the
2008 Sister's Trip down the Mississippi
Blanshan siblings and extended family singing a final "Dusty Road" to
family patriarch Bob Blanshan as he lays dying.