Winter in Minnesota

When winter comes to this great state
some people just turn up the stove and hibernate
But some people see the beauty so fine
of the snow so white covering up the pine

After an ice storm the pines just glow
A beautiful sight along with the snow
The road so slippery you must travel slow
but that gives you more time to enjoy the show

The resorts used to buckle up when winter came
open all year now for winter games
With skiing and snowmobiling, and ice sailing too
many other enjoyments to help winter pass       

It is a state some people reply
of only two seasons, winter and 4th of July
But there are some who say they knew
of the 4th when it froze on that day too

Norwegians and Swedes and some Finlanders too
with a sprinkling of Germans and what have you
With lutefisk, lefse and Paul Bunyan and Babe
and 10,000 lakes upon which people play

We drive on the ice and fish on it too
from November to March before we are through
Yes, winter in Minnesota is cold but it is grand
You won’t find better in all of this land
Spring in Minnesota

The change into spring is not an easy thing
‘ere winter releases its hold
But time will come when there is more sun
that finally puts an end to the cold

But winter’s not all bad and pretty the show
To see the ground all covered with snow
And ice on the trees is a beautiful sight
‘though that’s not what I’m asked to write

Spring in Minnesota seems to come slowly
With April as a buffer between
Some snow, rain, and sleet for a time will compete
Then more and more sun will be seen

Spring shows us God hasn’t given up yet
With new life awakening, the stage is set
Not only green grass, but budding green of the trees
And return of the duck, the birds, and the bees

Minnesota is said to have two seasons – winter and
the 4th of July
But that’s not the truth, in fact it’s a lie
So before you put Minnesota on the shelf
Come up and enjoy the 4 seasons yourself
Eternity Rap

(“written as a “rap” for youth winter retreat at Bemidji
Church, February 1988”)

You got to have faith when the going’s tough
If you ain’t got faith, you ain’t got enough
To keep you going
When others are showing the feather

For life and Satan and fate will bring
Troubles and trials and everything
The rain will fall – the winds will blow
And floods will rise around you
Unless you are built on the rock you know
Life will surely down you

But faith will show you how to go
And give you the strength to go it
And the storms will pass and the sun will shine
Before you hardly know it

So give God a chance to turn you around
He’ll put your feet on solid ground
He’ll give you a life that’s abundant too
Now here is what you have to do

Believe in God and what He said
If you don’t do it, man, you’re dead
Decide in your heart to walk His way
And be baptized to wash your sins away

As part of the Church now faithful be
And God will surely bless you, you’ll see
Then it won’t be long – you’ll be singing a song
That will last right through eternity

Christmas In Florida

Twas the night before Christmas
But the grass was all green
Nary a snowflake
Anywhere to be seen

Yes, houses were decorated with Christmas lights
And all over town there were beautiful sights
In almost every block you would find
Houses and trees with figures outlined

Christmas carols were sung, but no ding-a ling
Of the sleigh bells up north we used to hear ring
No nipping of Jack Frost on your nose
You didn’t need anything to cover your toes

Last minute shoppers with no coat on their backs
But the same kind of purchases were found in their
The same merry smiles are found on their face
And Merry Christmas heard all over the place

So I guess wherever you live, in warm or in cold
The same old story will ever be told
And it’s not whether you live there or here
If there is peace and goodwill, this time of the year


As Thanksgiving time comes near again
My mind goes back to the hard times when
we had so little way back then

But Thanksgiving still means quite a lot
Even  though there were many things we had not
We still have many things that God has brought

It seems the poor who live from day to day
In being thankful have the most to say
While others go thanklessly on their way

Of all our holidays I life Thanksgiving the best
But to many it seems, just eat turkey and rest.
Not so with God's people, who really are blessed.

God gave us the world, with everything it holds
There are far more blessings than just silver and gold
So many in fact, the half will never be told.

Our cup full of blessings continues to over flow
So here's to all the blessings I know
We appreciate and thank you for all you bestow.

Paul’s Journey to Rome (1989)

From there to there was quite a ways
‘twas no easy trip we made
Some of those with us were fooled
And some of them afraid

And it was good to see them way out there
Though the trip wasn’t made with ease
We did it with a breeze
And I didn’t even have to pay fare

Marriage Is For Two You Know

Marriage is for two you know
You are only half when alone
And as your love for each other grows
The two becomes more and more as one

Marriage is for two you know
For some things you need to share
Each joy is enhanced and each sorrow eased
When you are with someone who cares

Marriage doesn’t stay at two you know
It may be three with more to come
But that’s all right for it is so
It takes a heap of living to make a home

So here’s to marriage an honorable state
And having been through it I’m here to relate
Yes, man is only half finished when alone
When he is married he is all done

The Old and the New
(“Written for a concert with Amy at a Senior
Citizens building in Orlando”)

Modern trends have made us wonder
What this world is coming to
And there are many things to ponder
What will happen ere it’s through
They say a pad’s a bed, and bread is money
Or “he’s a nerd” – it all sounds funny
The decline of morals is frightening
And we all know it’s a terrible thing
Free love and shacking up
Has brought to many a bitter cup

It used to love and marriage and then a baby
But all of that has been disparaged
With the younger and newer generation
This has caused quite a sensation
But I didn’t think I’d ever talk
Of older ones who seem to walk
In the footsteps of the youth
And get involved in things uncouth
But there are rumors that I hear
Strange things to my listening ear
Of a woman who is among us
Whose life is not very decorous
For she lives with several men
Entertains them time and time again
And I think its time I pointed out
What this woman’s been about
So I’ll name just a few
Of these awful men for you

The first one’s name is of course
He’s an Indian – it’s CharleyHorse
She didn’t like the way he acted
This man Lumbago was contacted
And when he no longer did excite us
She made the switch to Arthuritis
But now that colder weather is upon us
She switched to his older brother, Burrsitus

Well that woman saw the light, and kicked him out
But, she’ll never learn – now she’s got the gout
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