Into the World My Master Came
(“These are some of my earliest ones also”)

Into the world my Master came
Destined to live in sorrow and shame
Into a world of evil and night
Came His never failing light

Into a world that had need of Him
To a world which took no heed of Him
Which should have died instead of Him
When into the world He came

Into a world enslaved by pride
He came suffered, bled and died
For instead it was Him whom they crucified
When into the world He came

Out of this world did my Master go
Out of its sorrow and shame
For He had finished what He had to do
When into the world He came

Out of this world to His home on high
My precious Savior did go
Just what will happen to you and I
When out of this world we go?

(March 11, 1997)

I meet God in the morning
So He’s with me all the day
I try to be good company
So that He’ll not go away

I figure if I walk real close
My feet won’t go astray
And by doing things He wants me to
I’ll please Him all the day

If you will meet Him early
And please Him all day through
You’ll find peace and happiness
And God will be pleased with you

Then we’ll have God in our minds and hearts
Just where He wants to be
And have a happy fellowship that can last
Through all eternity


Marriage is a remarkable state
In which one of the other tries to placate
For statements like “you’re putting on a little
Or forgetting to tell her that her stockings aren’t

You learn real fast what trouble you’ll see
If you forget birthday or anniversary
But you soon learn too
How much fun to make up

So learn in your marriage
How to appease
Or what you must do
Your wife to please

If you are smart you soon shall see
If Mama is mad
Their ain’t nobody happy

So here is to marriage an honorable state
And having been through it I’m here to relate
Man is half finished when he is one
But when he is married he is all done


When I was young and in my prime
I saw this girl and said – she’s going to be mine
She just doesn’t know it yet

So I went up to her and took her hand
And said you’re the fairest in all the land
Will you be mine – and she just said “you bet”

Well there’s been some hard times and some tears
And a lot of good times thru the years
And we thank God for the day we met

We don’t know what’s in store
And of time just how much more
But we’ve had 64 and we’re all set

To keep going on through all weather
It doesn’t matter while we’re together
We’ll take every one we’re going to get


God made the heavens
The earth and ocean too
And then He made the animals
You find in the zoo

The elephant, rhinoceros, and the kangaroo
Then when God had finished
He made me and you

Some say my ancestor
Was a monk or chimpanzee
But in my way of thinking
They are crazy as can be

Oh, your (my) ancestors
Don’t live in a zoo
Don’t let the devil
Make a monkey out of you.
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That Blessed Peaceful Shore
(“One of my earliest attempts” - Bob)

When the world forgets you
And your troubles they are o’er
Then you’ll dwell with Jesus
On that peaceful blessed shore

When you’ve reached that glorious haven
For the weary and the sore
Then you’ll dwell with Jesus
On that peaceful blessed shore

Where the sun is always o’er us
And the darkness comes nevermore
Then you dwell with Jesus
On that peaceful blessed shore

Then worldly cares can’t hurt us
When we enter thru the door
That leads to dwell with Jesus
On that peaceful blessed shore

No longing for ones who loved us
Ones who had gone on before
For we’ll find them when we dwell with Jesus
On that blessed peaceful shore
(“Talk about a good catch – the Son of God”)

Here comes the Bride
Finally by His side
She has been courted long
To leave all sin and wrong

The bride is arrayed all in white
Which means she has won the fight
For the white robe she wears and needs
Is made of her righteous deeds

The Bridegroom has journeyed and brought her
His bride into her new home
The wedding vows are eternal
No more will either be alone

No heartaches – no sorrow – no crying
No dark days – only joy will be there
I want to be part of that wedding
That glorious eternity to share

How about you, friend, are you robed in white
Among those eternal ones
Will you have a place at the table
At the marriage feast of God’s Son

(“For BPW Reunion”)

Like the sound of many waters
Voices sounding on the air
Voices loving, caring, sharing
People visiting everywhere

They are here from many places
All these loved endearing faces
And we thank the Lord for them
We know it’s reunion time again

Family and God’s family make these
Blessings doubly sweet
And those others who come to share
Make an even better treat

God’s fields are scattered widely
And workers far apart
Times like these encourage
And help us all take heart

So we thank the one who bound us together with
this cord
Let’s just lift our voices toward heaven
And let’s praise the Lord

(“For Roger and Sharon Scott in Jamaica”)

When Roger went to Broadleaf
To do God’s work on that ground
He kept one eye on heaven
But with the other he looked around

Oh, he didn’t from God’s work shirk
But went steadfastly to the work
Though we didn’t know it at the time
He had something else on his mind

And he found a rose in Sharon
And she willingly complied
So when he asked the question
Said “Yes, I’ll be your bride”

He could hardly believe his ears
His heart beat loud and fast
He looked again to heaven
Lord, I’ve caught me one at last

Sharon looked at him with just a little glance
He doesn’t know it yet, but he didn’t have a chance
For I too had my eye on heaven
And the other on the ground
Because the Lord said “seek and ye shall find”
And look what I found

(Why did you make her stupid?  That’s so she would
be attracted to you)????????

But seriously we wish them well and may they fruitful
In the service of the Lord and with pickneys, two or