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Straight and Narrow

There’s a road that’s straight and narrow
Leading to my Father’s home above
Where there’s never any sorrow
Nor pain, nor aught but love

This road, it has no turning
For the straight way we must go
Though I falter, my soul is yearning
Onward, toward Him ever go

This road, it leads by Calvary
Where the Cross of Christ did stand
I can see Him yet as He hung
With nails through feet and hands

As He pleaded with His Father
“They know not what they do”
It is here that I found my cross
Yes, I, and others too

We’ll lift up high my Savior’s cross
Along that road that[‘s] straight
And it will be our key, this cross
To open Heaven’s gate


To many the Bible is an unknown book
Because they seldom take time to look
God in His infinite wisdom planned
And produced a book you can understand

We are told “Seek and you shall find”
But there are those whose brain-washed mind
Believe it is a fable produced by a man
To fool as many as they can

But they are the fooled who think this way
And to those who are fooled, I’d like to say
Read it yourself, friend, you will find
How you too can have this peace of mind

Get rid of the sin and all the strife
That can upset you and ruin your life
The book from God proves itself o’er and o’er
It will take from you, but give a whole lot more

Don’t let it be a book unknown to you
Read it over and over and all the way thru
God’s word will show you a life abundant and free
I know it because it did it for me

And the best part is yet to come
An eternity in heaven with God and His Son
The Bible is a book unknown by many
A situation we need to help God change so that any
Who may then read it will find God and His Son
So that they too may overcome


My steps are getting slower
The way seems all uphill
My blood it runs so thin
That I often get a chill

My memory itself is just a memory
I can’t remember when or where it went
But it really doesn’t matter now to me
Because my brain itself is spent

My hearing aid is buzzing
I can hardly hear a word
My bifocals need replacing
So my vision’s kind of blurred

My pacemaker needs recharging
Cause the battery’s getting low
So it isn’t any wonder
I take it kind of slow

My rheumatiz is acting up
I think it’s going to rain
My knees are kind of shaky
That’s why I use my cane

They say no tears in Heaven
No bifocals and no cane
There’s no arthritis either
Nor any other pain

So come what may I’m going on
Though maybe not so fast
I’m looking forward to the time
I’ll reach that place at last

Aging Some More

When young the years passed by on the shell of a snail
And we wished they would fly swiftly but to no avail
We wanted to be grown up and do as we wish
No more lawn or garden, we’d swim and we’d fish
We’d do our own thing
It sure would be great
Hurry up years before it’s too late

The years in their courses did come at last
But even more quickly went right on past
And again we wished but this time slow down
But like a rampaging merry-go-round
They pass and accomplish it seems to me
To make me older than I want to be
Getting older is not so much the problem you see
But the things it bring in company
Failing sight and sound and smell
Seems like nothing works quite as well
As “used to” which seems to me
To make up more and more of my vocabulary
It brings a paradox involving my memory
That works good or bad as the occasion may be
Memory allows me to live in yesteryear
But doesn’t work so well in the now and here
My mind switches channels more easily
Than the remote on your TV
Though thru it all I think clearly enough
To realize that although at times it is rough
That even when things are slow in my head
If years didn’t take their toll, I’d be dead

So here’s to the years, may they come and they go
Though my body grows feeble, my steps grow slow
They are bringing me closer to my goal
God’s eternal home of the soul
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(“For a birthday fellowship at Orlando”)

How quickly by the years do fly
To make us older, you and I
And as time passes on, we grow
Older, but…not only so

We show more skin where hair had been
And spread ourselves the more
But better that we grow too fat
Than what fate could have had in store

So here’s to birthdays,
'Though they come fast
We will keep celebrating
As long as they last


Birthdays are O.K., I guess
If you’re not over 22 yet
But older than this is not so much bliss
Except for the loot you get

It seems both gain and loss we share
With every passing year
The gain is weight, the loss is hair
But at the least we are still here

So here’s to birthdays, may they survive
As long as they do we are still alive
So when your birthday comes don’t say “nix”
Without it you’d be in a terrible fix


Birthdays come but once a year
But that’s a good thing from what I hear
Friends would have to spend more than they do
With cards, stamps, and presents and what have you

But birthdays are for children
With rattlers and whistles and hats funny shaped
Ice cream and candles on frosted cakes
And “Mama, I’ve got a tummy ache”

But birthdays add up to teenagers
A different event by far
With overnight parties and “Dad,
Can I use the car?”

Birthdays come to those middle-aged
And birthday cards pretty pictures conceal a page
Of men getting bald and ladies rotund
And snide remarks all given in fun

Yes, birthdays come to every one
Older, in between and very young
Yes, birthdays are fun, birthdays are great
But here’s what will happen as sure as fate

It’s as true as this story
Now being told
If you don’t quit having birthdays
You’re going to get old

Alathia’s 40th

How swiftly by the years do fly – to make us older you
and I
But in my memory today there is a little girl so far away
I didn’t often get to see,
But enough to have this memory
At 15 years, I was glad to find
You had other teen’s salvation on your mind
Only once since then and you full grown
Have I gotten to see this little girl I had known
Now you are forty and I’m seventy-two
So I guess the chances are very few
Of meeting for again you are far away
But not too far for my memory

Bernice Beall
(January 16, 1998, Lakeland, Florida)

They tell me your birthday’s come again today
Quite a few have come your way
But that’s okay, for I think you will
That birthdays are a state of mind
How many more?  Well I’ve wondered
Leave off the hog jowls and you may make a hundred

(“Yearly birthday party at Madelia, 1966”)

Well, another one’s gone, Birthdays, I mean
They slip by so quickly it doesn’t really seem
That a year has gone by since the last time we came
To celebrate birthdays in the Masters’ name

Some changes may be noted here and there
A fewer less teeth and a little less hair
But as we grow older not all's loss I’ve found
For some of us have even gained a few pounds

Some have gained a friend or so
And one has even acquired a beau
The year brought places smooth and some with lumps
To some it even brought the mumps

To older mump sufferers this thought I would bring
Paul said ‘when I became a man I put away childish things’
Melvin said at night he gets to sleep ‘maybe’
Because the year brought to them a new baby

This year California started the flu
Treslers went 2,000 miles to get it too
It sure beats all what some folks will do
To keep in style and get the flu

Some got hit by the new car fever
It leaves one upset and wrought
One can hardly get rid of it ever
Until a new car is bought

Now some choose their church today
Like cars – watch and don’t lose your reward
Some were converted and bought Chevrolets
While some backslid and bought Fords

Tonight a new find is unveiled
They previously have been unhailed
The three flat trio of ladies
Bristol, Blanshan and Baade