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Jim and Florence
(“Written for Florence and Jim’s 50th anniversary in
Eyota, MN” August 6th, 2000”)

This meeting today is the culmination
Of 50 years of human relations.
It began when a guy and a girl met by fate
And it didn’t take long ‘ere they set the date.

They met at the alter and said “I do”,
Then really got serious about pitching the woo.
Florence said “Let’s start a family”, and they gave it a
And in due time had them a girl.
They named her Marsha and she was such joy
that they decided to try for a boy.

Jim brought her a nightgown, skimpy and lacy,
And it did the job ‘cause soon there was Tracy.
When the 3rd child was born Jim wondered what it
would be,
And when he found out called her Janda Marie.
Florence was concerned one day when Jim’s eyes
turned misty
And sure enough that look in his eyes turned out to be
They were getting on in age when the subject came up
And Jim said let’s have one more in our cup
Florence said having another might be tricky
But they gave it a try and thus they have Mickey

The years rolled along and old Jim he grew old (no, no
- that was old shep)
The years rolled along and the children left home,
Got married & began to write their own poems.
There’s been good times, some hard times,
And there’s been lots of fun.
And thru 50 years they faced it as one.
That’s why we are here today to celebrate,
Jim and Florence’s golden anniversary.

Howard and Bunny
(“For Howard Chandlers”)

Fifty years have come and gone
Since we both said “I do”
And began to walk together
There was just we two
The marital ship sailed smoothly with scarcely a menace
But it couldn’t last, and sure enough along came Dennis

He was a cute little fellow, such a handsome tyke
We thought he needed a playmate, and there was Mike
Dennis and Mike were hardly trained so they knew how
to behave
When we had to do it all again for another guy name
All boys, no girls, we can’t quit now, we’ll have to try
And so we did and the result is known as Mary Jane

With three boys and a girl, things were different then
And life was never the same
With dirty clothes and bruises and “I had it first”
It was hard to stay ahead of the game

But, God was good, and life was too
And the years passed by, in fact they flew
We thank the Lord for our family
And His blessings through the years
We’ve had a lot of happiness to go along with the tears

We have so many memories that can never be taken
So many, many friends we have gained along the way

Ed and Arleigh
(“For Ed and Arleigh Chandler anniversary – Bemidji,

It was December 31st of 1950 about 7pm or so
something took place.  But I thought you should know
that this didn’t just happen right out of the blue, but
after much scheming and much ballyhoo.  It might have
happened something like this.

There was this young feller, his name was Ed,
Saw this girl named Arleigh and quickly said
She’s the girl to light up my life,
Now how can I get her to be my wife
I have to impress her, but she wasn’t impressed
With his motorcycle wheelies, fast driving or the way
he was dressed

It’s time for a different strategy,
I’ll show her just how nice I can be
I’ll open the door for her and close it too.
When I come in the house I’ll take off my shoe
I’ll be witty and smart, and I’m a good looking guy.
All of this failed to catch Arleigh’s eye

Finally Ed decided I’ll just be me,
That’s the only thing I really can be
Arleigh finally liked what she saw and said that guy’s for
He’s the one I want – my husband to be

Well this all happened in the past
And they stood before the preacher at last
Ed thought I got her, I did it, I did!  
Arleigh thought “Who is he trying to kid.
He thinks he got me?
Well I’ll let him know
I really hooked him a long time ago.”

The deed was done, the knot was tied
And Ed took Arleigh home as his bride
But through ups and downs with one accord,
They faithfully served the Lord

Fifty years ago it started out that way
And that is why we are here today
To congratulate them and wish them happy anniversary

(“For Viola”)

There was a young lass from the sticks
She was kind of a cute little chick
Along came this farmer
And he quickly did charm her
She fell for him like a brick

They married and feathered their nest
For Donna and all of the rest
The years passed her by
And now the little ones cry
Our “grandma” she is the best

So this cute little chick from the sticks
Older now but still quite a trick
Doesn’t like to take credit
But the birth certificate said it
She is now a mature 56
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Grandpa and Grandma Blanshan (Ralph and Fern Blanshan)

Mother and Dad started out being married very young,
And ended up producing two daughters and six sons.
One of the six was very early laid to rest,
But bringing up the others provided quite a test.

A family that size to feed and clothe was a difficult job back
And mother helped by working out as well as working in.
But when working out she’d ne’er neglect and you’d find
her sure as fate,
Caring for he offspring toiling early and usually late.

On wash days we would see her sorting garments one by one
To see if a button missing or sewing to be done.
Scrubbing floors on hands and knees or making beds and
shelling peas.
Her energy seemed endless but I have come to suspect
She oft was tired and weary but never did neglect.

I can still feel her knuckles as she washed my head with
I kind of wonder if that’s what happened to my hair.
Mother wasn’t big enough to use her hand on us;
She kind of preferred those green switches that grew out
in the brush.

Dad’s hand was big enough and kept us close in line,
But mother’s little switch wasn’t very far behind.
She wanted us educated knowing its value as a tool,
And said she would support us as long as we stayed in

Mother knew that we should also be in Bible School;
She didn’t send, but took us, for she knew her own needs,
Today I’m glad for her sake – her faith in God was real
And I’m glad, too, for our sakes and the way that we can

We are not ungrateful, Father, and though we shed some
We thank you for giving her to us for these many years.

In these last few days I did not ask for God to keep her
But to be very gentle with the mother we hold dear.
I would like to think that Mother and Dad are together
once again,
For that is the way I want to remember them.

Alvin Petersen

The Petersen house once knew some children
That old house knew man and wife
That old house once rang with laughter
As it faced the storms of life.

That old house knew very much singing
As the family loved to sing
When they joined their voices together
In praises to the King.

Daddy Sang base – someone sang tenor
Then all the children would join right there
In that old house long ago.

That old house has many memories
For all the saints who’ve gathered there
That Petersen door was open
And God’s blessings were all shared

That old house knows a lot
But it would take some time to tell
All the memories that it could
Of the Petersen Motel.

They don’t need that old house no longer
For a new one stands nearby
With a new face carrying on
For Ruth who’s gone on high.

Yes the circle has been broken
There are now two empty chairs
And there’ll be more, as others
Begin to climb those golden stairs

Then again they’ll be together
They’ll help make heaven ring
Petersen house reunited
Will lift their voices and sing.

Daddy will sing bass, someone will sing tenor
The rest of the family will join right in there
In the sky, Lord, in the sky.

Dale Williamson
(“A 45 years of preaching get-together for Dale Williamson at
Lakeland, Florida, September 7, 1986”)

Sixty-five – well sakes alive
How have the years flown by
I once was young and energized
But now I’m tired and grown and sigh
For years have taken their toll on me
And it’s just a shadow of my former self you see
Once I climbed life’s hill with glee
Now it’s the downhill slide for me

I think back to the days in college
Where I went to gain some knowledge
But there I found this young co-ed
In place of knowledge, got me a wife instead
Then like Leah said, ‘there cometh a troop’
With Lois, Marcia and Thomas and oops
I didn’t need a concubine
For Vickie came and Kim before her time

From the original two their became seven
And all, thank God, on their way to Heaven
But that’s not all – there were more to come
With grandchildren, and great grandchildren, until the sum
Began to add up with Kim’s still to come
When we began we didn’t think it ever
But just like God said we had a full quiver

Well Dale got through school and got a degree
And carried out his plan, a preacher to be
In Minnesota, California, Nebraska and Florida too
He has taught and preached the Bible through
He has married and buried, and counseled with tears
And prayed with those who are troubled with fears
God has blessed them with good friends galore
And many good things He has laid up in store

For forty-five years in God’s service was spent
And never the decision to preach did repent
Their prayer and their goal for whatever time remains
Is that God will still use them to preach in His name
So here’s to the preacher, his wife and all theirs
With those they have helped may they climb Heaven’s stairs
To find at the top that those years they did invest
Will repay with an eternity of blessings and rest