African Lady
(“For Brenda’s friend Leslie Booth from S. Africa”)

This lady didn’t come from Niger
Nor did she ride on a tiger
But she did come from Africa this Leslie
And this here tale is about her

There is a young lady from Capetown
Her name is Leslie and Booth
She has red hair and is really cute
This certain young lady from Capetown

She is lean and not very fat
They call her the lady of cats
All the mice have been choused
Right out of her house
So you needn’t worry about that

This lady has a gift so sublime
It’s noticeable most of the time
Whether sitting, working, or walking
She uses this gift, it’s call “talking”

She’s really a servant of all
At everyone’s beck and call
With Got to ???, she really is great
For being a servant of all

The reason we have gathered for this lady so dear is
that it’s her natal day
So from far and from near, we are gathered here
To wish you a happy birthday

Martwick – Brewer – Blanshan & Cradic

Well, I guess it’s graduation time of the year
And for that reason we are gathered here
To honor those of the graduating class
Whose teachers have agreed to let them pass
From those hallowed halls of ivy, where
They learned that pie aren’t round – pie are square
So much of their lives have been spent in learning
And they are tired of theirs brains turning and churning
They kind of agree with Solomon when
He said of books and learning there is no end
But I look ahead and what do I see
Says Cradic “the grocery business looks good to me”
While Martwick Patriotic through and through
Says “I’ll look good in Navy blue”
Vickie’s trying to make up her mind
Tom says he’ll take what he can find

Blanshan says “arguments sound good to me”
I think I’ll be an A-Tor-Ney
Or if this wording you prefer
I’m going to be a Barrister
Showing “Probable cause” and “filing a writ”
I’m going to get rich before I quit
The superintendents – principals – teachers too
Can wipe their brows for they are through
Nor more will these give the teachers static
Will Martwick – Brewer – Blanshan & Cradic


I’ve never made a fortune and I’ll never make one now
But it really doesn’t matter 'cause I’m happy anyhow
I go along my journey
I’m reaping better than I’ve sowed
I’m drinking from the saucer ‘because my cup has

I don’t have a lot of riches
Sometimes the going’s tough
But while I’ve got friends to love me I think I’m rich
I’ll thank God for the blessing that His mercy has
I’m drinking from the saucer…

If God gives me strength and courage when the way is
steep and rough
I’ll not ask for other blessings, I’m already blessed
May I never be too busy to help bear another’s load
Then I’ll be drinking from the saucer.

Heavens Road

There’s a road that is straight and narrow
To my Fathers’ home above
Where there’s never any sorrow
Nor pain, nor aught but love

This road it has no turning
For it’s the straight way we must go
Though I falter, my soul is yearning
Onward, toward Him, ever go

The road it leads by Calvary
Where the Cross of Christ once stood
Where He hung in agony
Washing our sins in His blood

Hear Him pleading with His father
“They know not what they do”
It was here that I found my cross
Yes, I and others too

We’ll lift up high the Savior’s cross
Along that road that’s straight
And it will be our key, this cross
To open Heavens’ gate


Memories, memories of things that used to be
My life in review
Perhaps you’ve seen it too
They’re very dear to me

My mom and my dad, when I was a lad
Are a large part of the picture I see
Sisters and brothers, we had one another
I treasure my memories

Dad and Mom’s efforts to feed us
To clothe and to lead us
The hard times were many
But still we had plenty
Of good times in my memory

The day someone came who wore Jesus name
And turned my life all around
Memories ‘ere this were of a young man adrift

Now life with new meanings was found
Becoming my wife and bringing God into my life
Is the greatest day of my memories

God and His Son and His body are one
And in Him our greatest memories abide
In service for Him
Through thick and through thin
Never alone, for He walked by our side

The family we had when we became Mom and Dad
Have brought happiness and joy through the years
But to keep the right perspectives as I am reflective
I remember we shed many tears

A son and little brother, different from the others
Became part of our family
He taught us many things
Then his spirit took wings
He is a treasure in our memory

Memories, memories of things that used to be
I have this treasure of things without measure
They’re very dear to me
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(“Yearly birthday party at Madelia, 1966”)

Well, another one’s gone, Birthdays, I mean
They slip by so quickly it doesn’t really seem
That a year has gone by since the last time we came
To celebrate birthdays in the Masters’ name

Some changes may be noted here and there
A fewer less teeth and a little less hair
But as we grow older not all ‘s loss I’ve found
For some of us have even gained a few pounds

Some have gained a friend or so
And one has even acquired a beau
The year brought places smooth and some with lumps
To some it even brought the mumps

To older mump sufferers this thought I would bring
Paul said ‘when I became a man I put away childish things’
Melvin said at night he gets to sleep ‘maybe’
Because the year brought to them a new baby

This year California started the flu
Treslers went 2,000 miles to get it too
It sure beats all what some folks will do
To keep in style and get the flu

Some got hit by the new car fever
It leaves one upset and wrought
One can hardly get rid of it ever
Until a new car is bought

Now some choose their church today
Like cars – watch and don’t lose your reward
Some were converted and bought Chevrolets
While some backslid and bought Fords

Tonight a new find is unveiled
They previously have been unhailed
The three flat trio of ladies
Bristol, Blanshan and Baade

Birthday Poem
(“I think this was written at a yearly birthday fellowship
at the Madelia Church building (old building)”)

Another year has rolled around, another year we’re older
The elder ones are more subdued, the younger ones
grown bolder
But with the passing of each year, and every day that’s
in it
There’s nothing we can do to time except grow older
with it

We lose our hair – our teeth – our beauty, but yet not all
is lost
With wigs – false teeth – cosmetics, our youth is kept
whate’er the cost
Now the younger ones have problems, mind
As they grow from phase to phase
Toys and dolls are left behind
They learn to wash both hands and face

Sis must learn to navigate in high heel shoes and keep
nylons straight
To roll her eyes, give love-sick sighs, when her current
boy-type shuffles by

Her brother has his troubles too
With bow ties – suits – “hair in place” goo
He’s torn between both basketball
And a female, 5 and a half foot tall

So here’s to birthdays, whate’er they bring
Or whenever they are, in fall or in spring
For growing older, there’s this much to be said
If it weren’t for that we would all be dead

A Birthday Poem
(“For Merrill Davis on his birthday, preacher at Truman)”
- Mom)

There was this old man in Truman
Who sometimes acted almost human
Tho’ there were times when he raved
About sin and being saved
Did this old fellow from Truman

For this guy was a preacher
And on Thursdays also a teacher
He would tell you the truth
In a way not uncouth
Would this old fellow from Truman

But we did find one flaw in his make-up
And hope that someday he’ll wake up
And quit wearing that tie that says he’s a backer
Of a team called the Green Bay Packers
For he’s often a loser, this old fellow from Truman

But away from football he’s a winner
And has helped God change many a sinner
So happy birthday to you
May you have many more
May you live forever on heaven’s shore
We appreciate this particular human
This old fellow from Truman

Viola is 80
(“For Viola Aaseng”)

There was a young girl Viola, a charmer
Who eventually would marry a farer
Her life will be told as this story unfolds
This Viola who when young was a charmer

She met a young farmer, Belvin by name
And made up her mind he was fair game
Viola set her cap and won that game
Now Aaseng (2 a’s) is her name

Then children came – a count of four
She said that’s enough –don’t want no more
There was Donna and Carolyn, Doug and Debbie
She thought that’s a good size for a family to be

Things went well until one day
Belvin grew sick and passed away
She looked at the children and said indeed
Now I’ve got 4 little mouths to feed

Then an advertisement caught her eye
It said “Come to Tony Downs and apply”
She thought this job is heaven sent
So off to Tony Downs she went

She made enough the rent to pay
And the kids ate well every day
An extra benefit from a job this size
For her it was a gossiper’s paradise

“They what?” “She did” was whispered loud and clear
“She left him for who” – music to her ears
So the years passed by as a tale that is told
And like everyone else she began to get old

Now she likes to watch the Andy Griffith Show
I think she has something about him you know
There isn’t much more for this poem to say
Except as you know she is 80 today

Adam and Eve

Well God took one and made them two
And told Adam and Eve you know what to do
To make it 3 or 4 or even more

He let them live in paradise
Until their sin opened up their eyes
And from the Garden they were barred – God shut the

What did that have to do with us
Why did God make such an awful fuss
When He was the remains of one little apple core

What did that have to do with you and me
Well stop and think a little and you’ll see
What the devil wanted all this for

Well, we have to work dawn to toil and do
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