Sofiero Castle in
Helsingborg, Sweden
Gillian and Jim against
the Chicago skyline
Crystal's graduation
Linda's surprise
birthday, 2000
Rebecca's wedding
September 1973
Sweetheart Nancy
Bonnie, Al and Sandy
in Brenda's yard '06
Suzanne August '85
Emily, Amy, Sterling
November 1990
Grandkids pyramid
Uncles Jim and Al,
Bonnie 2000
Gillian, Aaron, Emily
Brenda and Aaron
Prom Night 1983
Nancy, Dennis, Crystal
Dellwater July 2000
Mandy, Renata, Greg
80th Birthday, Feb. 06
Dale holding Becca's
kittyJuly 2000
Crystal with Cody
Dennis and Becca
Renata graduating
from Concordia
Blanshans, Camp
Dellwater BPW 2000
Dad, Mom and grandkids
Dale's family July 2000
Christmas '78
Becca's 3rd birthday
January, 1954
The Ericksons
Nancy, Dale, Mom,
Suzanne, Rebecca
July 1984
Barbara and Paul
BPW July 2000
Emily, Gillian, Betsy,
Jessica, Aaron,
Carrie, June 1984
Barbara, Paul, Crystal
Dennis Christmas 1998
Rebecca's graduation
June 1969
Dale graduating from
BSU June 1976
Aaron 1992
Eliana Jo Davis
9 months, Sept. 1999
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November 1998
Kim and Tim Wussow,
Suzanne and Aunt Sandy
at Mindy's wedding '05
Barbara and Joyce Meyers
decorating Gillian's cake
table Sept. 2005
Paul and Molly
Jon and Amy at Tom and
Dawn's picnic, 2005
Uncle Harvey, Robin,
Uncle Jim and Aunt
Florence, Belle Plain
Tom and Dawn, Uncle
Al's daughter, of Texas
Aaron with buck 1999
Barbara, Nancy,
Amy, Becca 1985?
Kandy, Barbara, Ann
Louise, Aunt Sandy,
Craig at Uncle Al's 2005
Brenda's Japanese
friend Ayumi
Cousin Pam and Jim Burns,
Suzanne, Belle Plain 2005
Aunt Bonnie,
Terry, and Robin
Aaron with mom's
watermelon 1983
Brenda rafting in Bali.  Their guide
was Nuklear and her friends Tom
and John are in the raft with her.
Aaron and Wayne
with fish July '85
Becca, 1968
Lamm Wedding
The Haircuts
Climbing the
Spiderweb in Tokyo
Gillian grade
8 1991
Nancy and Suzanne
Whew! I survived!
A hug too??!!
How long is this gonna last?
Winn thinking, "Oh's Amy!"
The background music for this
page is sung by Uncle Al Blanshan
These are before and after shots of Nancy and Suzanne when they had their hair
done by Mario Tricoli (that's not quite right...Gillian will probably remember...she
had her hair done there too.)  It's the salon that they say "Guests of the Oprah
Winfrey Show have their hair..."--Brenda