Billy and Jimmy
Michael and Emmitt
Mom and Grandma
Ruth (Smith),
Nancy, Nancy Smith
Hofer, Suzanne
Crystal and Gillian
in Paris
Li'l Sterling
Suzanne and
Dad on the farm
Mom, Brenda,
Steve Turner
Mom and Dad
Liddy and Fred
Hintz wedding
Evelyn and Cristy
Brenda and Rebecca
Evelyn and Lolita
Peggy and umbrella
Brenda, Linda, Nancy,
Suzanne, Rebecca
Dale, Esquire
Evelyn and Abu
Li'l Peggy and Polly
Li'l Mindy and Joci
Dad and Mom and
Cristy Gibb's parents
Dale and Dad
Evelyn and Brenda
Combat Evelyn
Naughty Abu and Lolita
Beth Eudikis Swanson
and Brenda, Aug. 20, '77
Evelyn in the 80s
Evelyn at
Busch Gardens
Betsy, Renata, Carrie, Jessica,
Gillian, Bobby and Jenny
Thanksgiving in Brainerd, 1986
Bob and June
August 1977
Amy with Joci and
Mindy on Becca's
porch, year unknown
Alllll the grandkids at Bob and
June's 40th Anniversary party,
August, 1987
Becca and Aaron,
June 1974
Grandpa Blanshan
and Aaron March, 1976
Nancy, Suzanne
Brenda, Aaron
Thanksgiving 1977
Amy holding Gillian
and Suzanne
June 10, 1978
Nancy and David Chandler
Thanksgiving, 1977
Grandma Colebank
Easter 1979
Wayne, Becca, Brenda,
Aaron, Amy, Gillian and Emily
Disneyworld, March 29, 1985
June, neighbor girl,
Brenda, Suzanne and
Bob, year unknown
June, Barbara and Bob
Bob's apt. in Bemidji
June 1990
Mark Robertson
November 23, 1995
The Bob and June
Blanshan family
July 6, 1980
Evelyn, Steve T.
The Olafson family
December 1986
Barbara, Nancy, Amy and
Becca singing for Younger
Brothers celebration