Mindy and Joci,
November 1990
Joci, Amy, Janie,
Renata, Mindy, Drew;
July 4, 1991
Cousin Harold,
July 2000
November 23, 1995
Betsy 1997
Mindy, Amy, Joci; July
1991, Forest City
June sewing, Bob
supervising; Aug. '77
Grandma Blanshan
and Aaron, May, 1974
Brenda holding
Mambo, July 2000
Suzanne; 5/18/96
Hot rook game,
Thanksgiving 1977
Suzanne with Curt
Olafson and kids
Jane, Marcia, Rhonda,
Jeff and Mark Robertson
I didn't do it!
1977 Thanksgiving
Blanshan Girls at
Rebecca's; 1992
Mindy and Joci
singing, Fall 1990
Suzanne cutting
Wayne's hair, Mar. '85
Suzanne and Aaron (?)
Dennis entertaining
kids;  2005
Fred and Liddy
Hintz; young
Freddie and Joshua
Bob sleeping
Bob, Aug, 1977
Suzanne and Nancy
singing for Dale's
wedding, June, 1978
Joci; February 2006
Amy with Betsy and
Gillian; August 1979
Amy deer-hunting
November 2002
Aunt Joyce, year
Paul, Barbara and
Bonnie, 5/18/96
Gillian and Renata
July 4, 1991
Amy emceeing a
BPW game, July 2000
Kids table,
Thanksgiving 1988
Cousin Alathia with
Sam Burton, Denise
and Doug, April, 1985
Grandpa and Mambo
napping, July 2000
Grandpa, Jenny
and Emily
snoozing; deer
season 1989
Brenda, Suzanne
and Amy; November
23, 1995
Janie and Jeff
Thanksgiving 1988
Linda fixing Carrie's
hair; November 1984
Blaine, age 10,
Amy and kids
with Boyd Eser
All the kids at
Thanksgiving, year
Becca and kids, BPW,
July 2000
Amy and Sterling,
November 1989