Becca, Dale, Barbara
1953 in Nebraska
Barbara, Dale, Becca
Becca, Barbara, Dale
Nancy in front-1955
Rebecca, Suzanne, Dad
Year unknown
Barbara, Dale, Becca
Nancy in front-1955
Becca 8, Barbara 10
Lincoln, Nebraska
The parsonage in Madelia
about 1965
Rebecca, Carolyn Stalder,
Barbara in 1957
Mandy, 1993
age 14
Dad and Dale with Dale's
birthday quilt, 1999
Barbara, Nancy, Amy, Becca
October 1986
Matthew, 2004
age 7
Grandma Colebank's birthday
party at the Triangle, 1985
Jessica, Tootie
and Aaron-1981
Jessica, Tootie, Emily,
Betsy--Dec. 1991, Bemidji
Brenda, Suzanne, Becca,
Barbara-Year and
occasion unknown
Suzanne, Becca and
Nancy--Amy's wedding
Corey, Spring, 2005,
age 3
Becca and Amy
holding Tootie-1979
Linda and Becca
Year unknown
Betsy and Aaron
Aaron's 9th birthday-1983
Jessica, Linda Mindy, Emily,
Mandy, Tootie standing,
Emily's 8th birthday, 1987
Occasion unknown
Hannah Jo,
April 2005
Suzanne, Dale, Becca,
Barbara, Nancy--Becca's
law school graduation, 1998
Grandma Marie, Aaron,
Grandma June--1991?
Suzanne, Amy, Aaron, Nancy
Aaron's graduation
Grayden, James, Jessica
Benjamin--November, 1999
Amy, age 32
Dale Becca, Barbara
Year 1954
Bob, June and Becca
Tilden, NE - Oct. 54
Becca, age 4, swinging in
front of the Meadow Grove,
Nebraska house-1955
Gillian with her Christmas
Blanshan and Peterson
kids--1953 or '54
Bonnie Peterson Williams
Year unknown
Younger Bros. Capture Re-enactment
Amy, Nancy, Brenda, Gillian, Barbara,
Suzanne, Jon -- 2005
Becca and Dale
Mountain ND
November 1995