Gillian in Gucci and
Renata in Prada on
the red carpet
Suzanne and Lois
Hill Herricks
Fred and Jane
The couch lineup
Wednesday night at
Ms. Mindy
Caitlyn striking a pose
with brother Joel
Rhonda and Jane
congratulating Becca
After the Thursday
dinner at the church
Evan giving Grandma
Nancy a kiss
Steve showing us
how Grandpa
Blanshan fishes
Barbara chatting with Lois
Grandma Blanshan and
Krista concentrating on
their card game
At the AmericInn poolside
room Friday afternoon
Ms. Photogenic Renata
Amy with her Rudolph
nose from the spicy
pasta at Blackbeard's
Kathy Hill entering all
Brenda's blood pressure
data onto a spreadsheet
Grandma in Boots
Becca opening her
$275 gift certificate
from the family
The ladies in the kitchen
Thursday evening
Mark the 'puter whiz
Jane and Jeff,
Mark, Rhonda and
Shai, Marcia's dog
James and
Grayden and
Listening to a tape
of Aunt Vicky
Jon singing his ditty
in praise of Becca
Fred and Dale jammin'
Wednesday night
Neil and Mindy
Mandy and Brenda
doing their
"Barbara and Nancy
decorate" skit
Amy singing her ditty in
praise of Becca
Hot game of 80s
Trivial Pursuit
Barbara trying out the
couch Shari bought
Blaine, Kyle and Sterling
Brenda satisfying her
blood pressure addiction
The siblings in '06
Dennis with the
wireless keyboard
Crystal doing her
"Shame on Bailey"
Nancy imitation
Evelyn whupping Paul
in pool
James and Grayden
doing their "Multitasking
Linda" imitation
Grayden and
Benjamin at breakfast
Gillian and Craig
Caitlyn making
funny faces
Gracie doing her
ABC song
Bob doing his
"Grandpa Blanshan
and his hanky" skit
The pool at the AmericInn
Hot game of Maui Maui!
Greg and Renata doing their
"Dennis and Nancy coupon
and rebate shopping" skit
Dennis, Joci and Kyle
solving world problems
Evan and Joel zonked
out on the floor
Caitlyn doing her
"Amy" imitation
Tired Grandpa