Catheryne Blanshan was born in Hurley to parents Mathieu and Margrietje Van Schoonhoven
Blanshan. She was baptized in Kingston, New York on May 7, 1688 under the sponsorship of Jan
Jooste, Catheryne Blanshan and Sara Du Bois. On November 20, 1712, Catheryne married Jean
LeFevre, son of Simon and Elizabeth Deyo LeFevre, who was baptized on October 28, 1685. Jean
died May 27, 1744.

The children of Catheryne Blanshan and Jean LeFevre were:

Margaret LeFevre - baptized in Kingston on December 20, 1713 under the sponsorship of Thys
Blanshan and Margaret blanshan.

Abraham LeFevre - baptized March 25, 1716 under the sponsorship of Andries LeFevre and
Cornelia Blanshan. In 1742, Abraham married Maria Bevier, daughter of Magdalena Blanshan
and Samuel Bevier, who was baptized October 5, 1718 under sponsors Nicholas Schoonhoven
and Jefjen Schoonhoven. Abraham died January 3, 1792 and Maria died March 3, 1795.

Elizabeth LeFevre - born October 2, 1717. Died before 1744.

Nathaniel LeFevre - baptized November 2, 1718 under the sponsorship of Pieter Cantine and
Elizabeth Blanshan. He married Marie LeFevre, daughter of Andries LeFevre and Cornelia
Blanshan. She was baptized on March 1, 1719.

Andries LeFevre - born in New Paltz on February 25, 1722 and baptized in Kingston on March 18,
1722 under the sponsorship of Andries LeFever and Cornelia Blanshan. The banns were read for
his marriage to Rachel DuBois (born in Shawangunk on March 1, 1727 to Nathaniel DuBois and
Gertrude Bruyn) on October 25, 1745. Andries died May 25, 1812 at age 90.

Margaret LeFevre - baptized February 9, 1724 under the sponsorship of Ysaac LeFevre and
Marytjen Freer. She married Jacob Hoffman on December 6, 1744, then when he died she
married Abraham Richards, Shawangunk.
The headstone of Andries LeFevre in the
LeFevre Burial Ground, Ireland Corners,
Ulster County, New York. He died at age 90.
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